How to remove capabilities from an app?

We have an app that currently has inbox and messenger capabilities. In an effort to clean up the app we would like to drop the messenger capabilities however I am not able to modify the app in the developer hub accordingly. If I uncheck all the capabilities the save button is disabled.

Is there any other way to remove all messenger app capabilities from our app?

@zach sorry to tag you directly. Do you know any way to do this?

Hey @tobi - no problem!

It’s actually not currently possible to do this - for context, there were some legacy issues that prevent us from making this possible when we explored this before, but it’s on our radar.

You’d need to create a new app instead :+1:

Thanks, @zach! Hmm, that’s interesting. Ok, guess in that case I will just show a simple static canvas to customers in the messenger configure step to inform them that they should move to the inbox version.

Creating a new app is not an option here because it would mean that existing customers would have to uninstall the existing app and re-install a new one.

Looking forward to a fix for this.

Yeah that makes good sense for your use case @tobi, and is actually a good way to educate those that were previously using your app to transition off - for public apps, we know it’s more an edge case here usually (as we’d strongly expect the majority of partners to not remove Canvas Kit capabilities) :+1:

Hey @tobi - creating a new app would be the workaround for private apps, but public apps obviously is not an option as you stated.

I can ask someone in the team to deactivate the option via the console on your behalf. Could you reach me on Slack to confirm the details?

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