How to select the required template for an 'Admin Initiated Conversation'


Hi all,

I am starting to use the Rest API to send admin messages and I would like to customise the email template, if possible.

The message JSON is using “template”: “personal”, which has improved the email styling, but is there a way that I can change/modify the personal template? I have created some custom templates as I would like to use a header image, change colours, button appearance, etc, but it appears that these cannot be used and the following error is returned when the message is submitted:

   "code": "parameter_invalid",
   "message": "Template isn't an option"

I’d really appreciate any help anyone can provide.




Hey @pthorp :wave:

Yeah, the only two possible values are plain or personal for now. The workaround is to use your own HTML in the body, but we clamp down on the vast majority of tags here and keep it simple. You can find more here:

Good to know you’d like to see this as an option however :+1: For now, the UI is your best bet for these ‘advanced’ messages. What’s the use case? Who are you looking to send these too and in what fashion ie. what’s the flow)?

cc/ @hellojeanpierre

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