How to send unlisted app for beta feedback



How do I send an unlisted messenger app to beta testers? The documentation makes the following reference to this being possible, but it’s not clear how I can get my beta testers to install the app on their end? There must be a special link that I can send them - is it just the install URL for the messenger app? Thanks in advance.

Why is my app unlisted?

We allow your app to be public but unlisted so that you don’t necessarily have to set the listing live straight away. You can instead test out your app in a separate staging environment, or send to your customers individually to collect feedback (ie. when in beta) .



Hey @krishna :wave: Yep - you nailed it on the head. It’s simply the install URL that triggers that OAuth flow!

We could make this more obvious in the docs so thanks for the flag :+1:

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