How to show specific conversation in Messenger with Javascript?



I’m trying to make a page, that will be shown in users account, where a user can see all his present and past conversations. And by clicking conversation I wanted to show it in Messenger.

There’s Intercom(‘showMessages’) method, but I need something like Intercom(‘showConversation’, conversation_id)


Hey @sergei - mind providing a few more details here? Would this be a page in your own product that links up with Intercom, or were you wanting to do this on the users page in Intercom?


My idea is to make a page on my website with past and present conversations in users account area. I can achieve that with Intercom API. But when a user clicks a specific conversation or a button like “Continue conversation” I want to open it in Intercom messenger widget.


Nice one - it’s not possible to navigate directly to a conversation through the Javascript API just yet, but thanks for the idea @sergei :+1: