How we're staying connected at Intercom

You might have already seen Karen’s blog on how we’re ensuring our business progression during this time.

In addition to working from home and providing flexibility for those that need it, we’ve also taken some different approaches to maintaining our company culture while sheltering-in-place. :house_with_garden:

I’d love to hear about the creative ways your company has come together during this time. Here are just a few things we’ve been trying at Intercom!

:point_right: We’ve got our new #get-active Slack channel, where folks can share ideas on what they’ve been doing to stay active while working from home. This can look like a number of different things: like setting a reminder to take stretch breaks, taking a walk around your block, or doing yoga classes over your lunch. :running_woman:

The channel also has some helpful built-in Slack reminders for those in it:

:point_right: Our Workspace Experience team has taken steps to keep our work engaging, even when we’re outside of the workspace. Every day across the global offices, we have a new event to look forward to!

:point_right: For parents, we also have our Employee Resource Group Inter-Parents to provide some advice (and lots of humor) for those balancing their work from home while their kids are out of school. :baby:

This group has been around long before COVID-19 has, it’s provided an additional community for parents to come together and share their own experiences during this time.