I have a feature request for the Messenger Framework



Have an idea for a new UI component? Need another flow to manage users and data moving through your app? This is the place to talk about feature requests for anything that you’d like to see in future versions of our Messenger Apps Framework. Just start a new reply here. Our Platform PMs regularly browse and reply on this thread.


Admin-only apps

We help teams keep track of their user feedback. Let’s say a user requests a feature in Intercom’s messenger. It’d be great if there were an admin-only flow that the agent could use to send that to Canny.

It could be built entirely using cards + canvases + components, just we don’t want to expose it to the end user. Like a frame that doesn’t actually push UI to the user.


Thanks Andrew! This is definitely something on our radar!


Glad to hear! There are some other input UI components that I thought would be useful, but none of these are must-haves for us.

Checkbox: Pretty standard input element in forms. I don’t remember our exact use case (we’ve been brainstorming all day!), but this came up.
Image Input: Especially since we’re a feedback tool, it’d be useful to let people upload images/screenshots of the problem they’re experiencing.
Dropdown: Let’s say we have a list of categories we want the user to choose between (“Feature Request”, “Bug Report”). Doesn’t seem like there’s an easy way to do that right now.


Agreed on the checkboxes and dropdowns, they’d both be very useful (although, again, not a must-have)!


Dropdowns would be really useful, especially internally in the configuration flow, but also externally, maybe for an app in the Messenger Home, so it would take up less space there than having a full-size button for every option.


Input Change Action

Let’s say I’m building a search, exactly how Intercom’s articles app works.

Today I have to build this with an input field and a submit button, but ideally it would hit my server every time the search field is updated, so the results are live.


Textarea / Multi-Line Text Input

Ideally something where it auto-expands as the user types more and more content. We’d like to have a “details” input in our form, but one line can only fit about ten words. The user can type more than ten words, but then it’s hard to see exactly what they’ve typed.


Keep 'em coming – it’s great hearing all these requests.


Smart suggestions on textfields:

Would be great if a support agent has to fill out some information before adding an app to a conversation and he get’s smart suggestions to fill those fields or they maybe get pre-filled automatically.

I’m thinking of fields like name, email, address, phone, …
I think this would be super useful in use cases where a receipts or contracts has to be pre-filled by support members.

These suggestions could come from several places, the user attributes or even better from previous chat messages with the user.


Send an App as a visitor/user auto-message.
So now you can set the App on the home screen or send it as a manual message, but it seems you can’t send it in an auto-message. We’d really like to trigger the App as a auto-message, so we can decide when and who to show the App to. That would be way more flexibel.


This is coming very soon! :raised_hands:


We’d love to have access to “user_agent_info” as part of the configure card flow. It would be helpful if we could auto-configure some app features in the teammate UI of the Messenger app we’re building, based on what the user’s browser is.


@kwindla, wouldn’t the Rest APIs be able to provide you this information so that it can be displayed in the configure card flow?


Would be great to search for Attachments as a support agent in for example Google Drive.
I’m not sure in what degree this is possible with the current messenger integrations :thinking:

And most importantly give us developers the possibility to attach files which maybe got created during the creation of a messenger app.


Would love to create push notifications. As users are traversing our application, we’d like to apply dynamic rules to push messages to users on the fly via the intercom widget.


Would be great to have checkboxes, date fields, and search fields with interactive results.

For checkboxes it would be great if we could define some different canvas, which should be displayed, when the checkbox is ticked.


@jeff I see there is already a user_agent_data in the submit flow which is great. Is it possible to also pass the ‘accept-language’ header which would enable us to customize the canvas depending on language?


@jonas we’re looking at adding a lot more data to the context object so I’ll absolutely add this to the list of things we’re considering there. :slight_smile:


Could you elaborate a bit more? Do you mean notifications via Intercom when an end-user interacts with the Messenger app?