[Inbox App] Request not returning any Tags or Segments


Developing an Inbox App in the conversation details for our team to use. It will respond with a specific image, based on the Company tags in a given conversation.

I am using the quickstart glitch.com / node.js setup. I have a little WIP showing this turtle:

I am viewing it in a conversation with a User that has Company tags. The company also has segments, and I even tagged the messages in the conversation to test and see if those would work, but the Request is returning empty strings and arrays for all of the Tags and Segments fields. Log:


tags: { type: 'tag.list', tags: [] },


tags: { type: 'tag.list', tags: [] },
segments: { type: 'segment.list', segments: [Array] },

Is the lack of records for tags the expected behavior for Canvas?

If so, is there a way to access the Intercom API from within Canvas so that I can do something like List Tags for an App?

Just to be clear, I only need the Company Tags, don’t care much about the segments or conversation tags right now but thought it was pertinent.

Thanks for your help.


Following up here. Really hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have read, reread, and rereread all of the pertinent documentation and nothing has led me to believe that the tags would be excluded from the Initialize Request’s customer object. Thanks in advance for your time.

p.s. I am not a developer by trade so don’t rule out the absolute most basic and obvious [to you] explanations or troubleshooting tips.

Hey @Brian_Crant :wave:

So with our Inbox Canvas Kit Requests, we send you full customer and conversation models (as they would be sent via the API likewise) which contain a tags object for customer or conversation tags respectively. These should work, and I’ve been able to reproduce this for the most recent API/Framework versions too.

However, there is no full company object that we send. We instead send a companies object within the customers object, that contains an array of partial company objects. This array will look something like this:

    type: 'company',
    company_id: 'bsjbcsjbcsjbfuhjcbcs',
    id: '5b17e728ir456d77583e85b3',
    name: 'Example Company' 
  length: 1 

As you can see, there’s no tag object within these. You will need to query our API to fetch a company using the id you get there and see its tags. If you haven’t used our API before and you’re using Node, then here’s the SDK to get up and running faster.

Let me know if that helps :+1:

@zach Forgot to hit send here – Thank you so much. Greatly appreciate it. Excited to dive back into this. Will report back!

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