Input action url missing value


I have an input with a URL action. It opens the url on a new page but the value of the input is not passed anywhere I can look. Am I missing something?



Are you trying to just open a URL? i.e. just use a URL action with a button?
Alternatively, you could use a submit to retrieve that input from the user.

I just wasnt sure of your use case with the input field firing with the URL action.
At the moment you cannot pass data through the URL action for an input component.



The use case is a quick link to my documentation search. I have a text input with a url action displaying correctly on the messenger. the end user can input what we are asking and hits submits. This opens a new page as desired BUT the input they submitted cannot be retrieved because its not passed in the URL. I know I can get the value if I do a submit, but then I would not be able to open up a new page.



I think you may need to do this in two steps. First have an input field to retrieve the value from the enduser. Then you can do the search or create the link you need with the input. Once you have that done you could then update the canvas with the new URL action? Would that work with your flow?



It’s not ideal. I don’t want the search logic on submit handler. the logic is already in place on the receiving url. Your solution would mean i would have to display the results in the chat window or display a button that says ‘View Result’ pointing to . It makes a lot sense to pass the input value on the url request if the action type is URL. It gives the flexibility to the developer.



The way we’re thinking of this problem/use case it to (in the ideal case) link the user directly to the content they are looking for. We will do this by handling the search input by returning the top 3 results to the search (with a summary and a link to the article itself) and a fourth row in the list to “see all results” which links out to the search results page on the site.