Input_values coming back as empty string



The input_value we’re getting in the request body for a submit API call is returning empty string.

Like this:
‘input_values’: {‘field-name’: ‘’}

The field is a single-select. The options are “yes” or “no”, so I should be seeing either “yes” or “no” there.

This suddenly started happening this afternoon about an hour ago.


This is happening on my messenger app as well. Where you able to solve it Jenna?


Something that I noticed is that it starts to come back with a value after you click on it twice…


Hey @jenna and @marino Thanks for highlighting this! We’re digging into it on our end, and we’ll let you know here as soon as we have an update. :+1:


@jenna and @marino We’ve just released a fix that should have everything back to normal for you. :ok_hand: If you’re still seeing anything similar, do let us know!


@jackjenkins I just tested it and confirmed it works. Thanks!