Integrate Intercom API with Dialogflow


I’m trying to integrate Intercom API with Dialogflow and I’d like to know if someone has done it before and how was the experience.

I’d like to know if it is easy to make stuff like quick replies and buttons.


Hey Rodrigo :wave:

You can use our REST API to build a custom integration but it’s not possible to create quick replies and buttons through our Conversations API.

Someone else in the community may be able to weigh in with their own experiences of building an integration with Dialogflow :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Rodrigo,

Did you ever came across a solution for the integration. Im looking to do the same.


I’ve JUST begun to do something similar with I’m using Tray (i work there) to listen for the intercom conversations via webhook, then starting with a NLP instance which classifies intent first.

I then store that intent in a global variable which I’m designing narratives around to address the intent. My first step is to confirm intent which I use another NLP instance to confirm.

For example, let’s say we have two chat instances:

  1. “Hey! Can you guys help me integrate Salesforce & Marketo”
  2. “Is it possible to start a trial?”


  1. Feasibility
  2. Trial

For 1: the NLP responds with something like:

I can then confirm their intent with by sending an admin message via API like:
“It sounds like you’re interested in knowing if Tray can integrate Marketo (an entity) and Salesforce (another entity), is that correct?”

I then switch to the a new “confirmation” NLP instance which all it’s looking for is basically:
Yes / No / Unsure

If yes, I continue down the path I’m designing for “feasibility”. If at any point the user responds with entities that change their intent or take them off the path, my thinking is basically I say something like “It sounds like it would be best to have a Tray employee follow up with you, stay tuned!”

Not sure if this is helpful, but like I say im pretty early on in this, so much of this is just theory vs. reality.