Integrate Intercom with Leads Gen


hey everyone
we are interested in integrating Intercom with our Lead gen system.
Use case : we track our visitors and customers on our site. Our Lead gen system scores every visitors based on his past history.
We would like our agents to prioritize and script our conversations based on these scores in Intercom.
The scores, scripting etc are accessible via our api, and we have some dev skills.

  1. how do we integrate Intercom with 3rd party systems
  2. can the Intercom agent UI be extended to show some of this 3rd party CRM data
  3. could you point to some of the relevant developers guide


Interesting use case @Andrewsmaudience - we have a couple of partners that have similar apps likewise :slight_smile:

  1. Use our REST API - The leads endpoint (and potentially users endpoint) are what you need to update those customers with the custom attributes you want to bring in. You can programtically POST to these endpoints - all you need to do is ensure you also provide the identifier for the lead. We also have SDKs.

  2. We only allow for our app framework to be used in the Messenger currently, but we are exploring other concepts as to where it could go and how it could be used :wink: For now, you can add them as qualification data (in the UI) so they show high on the profile of the lead.

  3. Links are in answers above - if you need anything else, let me know, and otherwise have a click around on the Dev Docs.