Integrating Gmail with Intercom (the right way)

For anyone who wants to get a part of their private e-mail communication from Gmail on Intercom.

My Gmail account has e-mail traffic that relates to our user base in Intercom, but also other e-mails that aren’t related to that. Right now, there are misalignments, since users are writing to different e-mail addresses, we use different tools, and therefore the thread of conversation is lost and mistakes happen.

I need an integration that will automatically and manually make this happen in a clean way.

Automatic Process
TRIGGER: New E-Mail in Gmail to
IF: sender email matches the e-mail of a lead/user in Intercom
THEN: Forward to Intercom (with correct Conversation assignment) & archive in Gmail

Manual Process
TRIGGER: Some manual action at message level (not thread!)
THEN: Forward the email to Intercom (with correct Conversation assignment)

Why does Zapier/Automate/… not work for me : Labelling only goes at the thread level and is retroactive for 2 days max. Gmail Filtering also fails at providing the right solution.

*My question: * is there anyone who has a similar need as well?

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That’s a very interesting use case.

It seems that you need a two-way sync like what Octopods provide but having Gmail as a channel supported with some sort of configuration of filters based on your need.

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