Integrating Gmail with Intercom (the right way)

For anyone who wants to get a part of their private e-mail communication from Gmail on Intercom.

My Gmail account has e-mail traffic that relates to our user base in Intercom, but also other e-mails that aren’t related to that. Right now, there are misalignments, since users are writing to different e-mail addresses, we use different tools, and therefore the thread of conversation is lost and mistakes happen.

I need an integration that will automatically and manually make this happen in a clean way.

Automatic Process
TRIGGER: New E-Mail in Gmail to
IF: sender email matches the e-mail of a lead/user in Intercom
THEN: Forward to Intercom (with correct Conversation assignment) & archive in Gmail

Manual Process
TRIGGER: Some manual action at message level (not thread!)
THEN: Forward the email to Intercom (with correct Conversation assignment)

Why does Zapier/Automate/… not work for me : Labelling only goes at the thread level and is retroactive for 2 days max. Gmail Filtering also fails at providing the right solution.

*My question: * is there anyone who has a similar need as well?


That’s a very interesting use case.

It seems that you need a two-way sync like what Octopods provide but having Gmail as a channel supported with some sort of configuration of filters based on your need.

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The lack of support for your use-case stems from a sequence of events going back almost a year (as of this writing).

Google rolled out a series of changes (late 2018) to its Gmail APIs in response to security concerns (triggered by the EU’s new GDPR rules, and a $57 million dollar fine by a member of EU).

This set off a ripple effect, where 3rd party SAAS(Software As A Service)/IOT(Internet of Things) vendors such as IFTTT have opted to drop support for integration with Gmail’s APIs since there is now a strict review process in place where they would have to pay anywhere between US$15,000 to US$75,000 for a security assessment to ensure that their services are in compliance with Google’s new User Data Policy.

So its unlikely that you’ll see support for this kind of integration (at scale) any time soon.

However, these rules are only applicable to vendors offering user-facing services en-masse. You still have the option of having a developer build you a custom solution that’s private to your google/gsuite account without incurring the cost of a security assessment.

I am one such developer. I can effectively leverage Google’s GSuite platform and its native scripting capabilities to build you a solution that can automate your process as described. However, be forewarned, it will not be cheap to build.

If you’re interested in pursuing a custom build feel free to contact me via my profile.