Integrating IBM Watson Assistant with Intercom


I read here -> that IBM Watson Assistant can be integrated with Intercom.

I currently use Watson Assistant as the “brain” and “dialog engine” for different channels sources, including not only Web, but also Google Home and Alexa Devices. I will like to known if I can improve the Web Channel using Intercom, and include also the “transfer” to human agents if my bot has not the correct answer, but not sure about understanding what can be done exactly with this integration, would like to known more before investing on a Intercom account or on development.

Intercom currently have Answer Bots… Can I integrate the dialog of the answer bot with the logic and dialog flow of my Watson Assistant ? I am not sure if the integration is also possible on this point, so I can take adventage of the rich features of the messenger, or on the other way, I need to have my own interface to watson assistant (ie botkit), and what the integration allows me is just a tranfer to an human (to an teammenber of Intercom).

Can someone please explain me the possibilities of the integration points between IBM Watson Assistant and Intercom ? Thks !


Hey there,

Blake from IBM Watson here! The integration is currently in a closed beta, so that’s why you aren’t seeing it publicly available yet. In general, this integration allows you to add a “Watson” teammate as another seat in your intercom workspace. Watson can be routed to by the intercom inbox routing rules, manually by an agent, or by operator. It can also reassign things back to human agents if/when the conversation breaks down for whatever reason.

When you’re just getting started and don’t have a ton built into your bot, Watson can also cherry pick the messages it’s confident in handling from a specified inbox and either answer them directly or suggest the answer to a human agent (as a private note in the conversation). Watson cannot, howver, act as operator.

We’re still working out the kinks but would be happy to add you to the closed beta to get your feedback! I’ll figure out how to message you privately to get your info so I can flip the beta switch on one of your Watson instances!


is this still in private beta?