Intercom apps and workspaces


During my Monday morning cleanup tour, I started to delete Intercom workspaces that I don’t use anymore. Intercom would happily let me delete workspaces, until I realized that one of the workspaces was actually linked to my publicly listed Intercom app. Thankfully, it did not delete the OAuth client itself and with the help of @tim.lim the workspace was recovered quickly (which also shows the app under “Your apps” again).

Maybe it shouldn’t be allowed to delete a workspace with a publicly listed app? Or maybe it should be possible to transfer an Intercom app to a different workspace?

Not sure what’s a working solution for this but just wanted to start the discussion here.



Hey @tobi - close shave there, but luckily it all worked out :sweat_smile: While the app doesn’t get deleted from the App Store, you’re right in saying that you lose access to the listing itself.

Good suggestions on how to prevent this - for now, we could even place a preemptive warning to let you know that deleting the workspace will mean you lose access to the listing :+1: cc/ @hellojeanpierre



Hey @zach, I think a warning would be helpful. I would assume that in most of the cases, as a user, I would not want to delete a workspace if there is a publicly listed app associated with that workspace.