Intercom Chat box Disappeared

Greeting all,

We have been encountering a serious problem that Intercom chat box is disappeared on our clients’ end, which leads to the situation that our clients couldn’t reach us anymore. Even Intercom Chatbox on our workspace is also disappeared and we couldn’t reach their support via live chat anymore.
This situation has been continuing for almost one week.


After many back-and-forth emails, the support agent noticed that the ISP problems - CDN provider connection takes responsibility. There is an incident in Asia-Pacific, however, we have got much the same feedback from our clients living in the Americas.

Is there any company using Intercom and having this situation?

This is their answer:
So we have seen some issues with customers based in the Asia-Pacific region with our platform due to ISP problems connecting to the AWS CDN as well as geographical latency.

Blocks put in place to sites outside of China will also vary from provider to provider.

You can check the latency to AWS us-east-1 here: Cloud Ping.

We currently host our platform entirely in this us-east-1 region.

While we do use other caching services that are more dispersed I would suggest contacting your ISP and check if they have any issues connecting to this datacenter.

The only way for your users in China or Asia-Pacific region to get around the firewall is to use a VPN. Unfortunately this is something that is out of Intercom’s control.

I would suggest the above to your customers, once they use a VPN they should be able to see and use the messenger on your website.

Hope that explains why you’re seeing the issue. "