Intercom developers: need your advice

Hi there,

I’m a product manager at tech company and we’re considering the option to open an API and let third party developers build products based on our platform.

We’re starting from the scratch and I want to check if I understand typical process of a third party developer correctly.

Could you please give your comments on the below. Don’t hesitate criticise and correct me, if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Your real experience as third party developer is highly appreciated.

  1. Idea stage. The idea of an app can come from
    1. client request
    1. your own experience
  1. Research stage. Developer researches
    1. api docs
    1. other developers experience through the forums/communities
    1. app store, if there is already exists similar apps
  1. Kick off stage
    1. configuring test environment: accounts, data, etc
    1. obtaining an api keys
    1. making first calls
  1. Building an alpha/beta version
    1. launching an app with limited access or manual installation to early adopters
    1. gathering feedback
    1. improving process and debug
  1. Full launch
    1. through a platform app store
    1. through own web-site
  1. Monetisation
  2. Iterative process of gathering feedback and improving

Let me know, do these step look like a real process you go through when develop an app?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @yanamazault this process is a bit high level and is more or less applicable to most cases, what are you looking to learn?