Intercom on Squarespace not working

My company uses a Squarespace site and there’s an article giving the directions for how to get Intercom on Squarespace. Problem is, we followed the exact instructions and nothing is showing up. I’ve inspected the elements on the website’s page, and the Intercom code (an iframe and a div) are showing up there, but nothing actually comes up on the website.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue and/or know how to solve this problem? Even if you haven’t encountered this problem, if anyone has installed Intercom on their Squarespace site and can walk me through the process so I can see if we did anything wrong, that would be greatly appreciated.

Hey there! Could you write into Intercom through the Messenger so one of my engineering teammates could dig deeper here? Thanks!

Hey! I’ve asked the question in the Intercom messenger 3 times. First time no one responded, second person said they’d look into it and never got back to me. Third time I had a whole conversation and the guy said there was a help request for my question in the support inbox but that was yesterday and I haven’t heard anything all day. The third guy also told me I could try the community forum which is why I posted here.

I’d really appreciate if there could be some way for me to get an answer on this, as I’ve been waiting literally 3 days to hear any kind of answer. Thanks so much!

Hello there,

Can you check if show the messenger launcher set on “All Visitors”? and there no restrictions from the Intercom settings side.