Intercom requests timing out prematurely


Hey forum mates,

This is something that I noticed today.

The configure and initialize requests from Intercom are timing out prematurely. My server is hosted on Heroku. The requests hit my server but in the middle of serving it, Heroku notifies me with a H27 error, which in their lingo means that the client interrupted the request. On the intercom end, I see my app inside messenger just spin continuously.

Do Intercom requests have a timeout built into them? Anyone else notice this issue?




Hey @krishna :smile:

Yeah, they timeout at 5 seconds. Your server will have to respond before these are up or a 504 error will return :+1:



Thanks @zach for the reply. I’m pretty sure the calls were timing out a lot quicker than 5 seconds. I’ll do some additional testing today and let you know if that’s not the case.

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