Intercom stopped loading

It worked fine for a couple of years now, but today it stopped.
Here’s the error in the console:

frame-modern.89daed54.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: this.unmountApp is not a function
at app_app_App.r [as destroySession] (frame-modern.89daed54.js:1)
at Object.shutdown (frame-modern.89daed54.js:1)
at frame-modern.89daed54.js:1
at _i (frame-modern.89daed54.js:1)
at Module.514 (frame-modern.89daed54.js:1)
at s (frame-modern.89daed54.js:1)
at Module.284 (frame-modern.89daed54.js:1)
at s (frame-modern.89daed54.js:1)
at Object.283 (frame-modern.89daed54.js:1)
at s (frame-modern.89daed54.js:1)

We are having the same issue.

Turns out our code was calling shutdown() before boot(). That worked fine previously, but apparently stopped after a recent Intercom update.