Introducing Canvas Kit 🎉

Hey folks!

I’m really excited to share the latest update to the Intercom developer platform :rocket: Last year, we opened up the Intercom Messenger to partners and developers and we’ve been blown away by the result. The community (that’s you!) has built hundreds of apps that help sales, marketing and support teams engage with their customers in a more productive and personal way. So it goes without saying that today we’re thrilled to be opening up a whole new part of Intercom to app builders – our Inbox, which is used by thousands of sales and support teams everyday to manage conversations with their customers.

With our new Canvas Kit, building native apps for both Inbox and Messenger is simple and super fast. Integrate your existing product or build entirely new apps and become an essential part of thousands of teams’ workflows in Intercom. Create apps that display customer and lead information alongside every conversation; plus, enable reps to trigger actions in your product—or send actions in their conversations to customers—with just one click.

Canvas Kit makes building super easy with native components, so you can spend your time developing features, rather than worrying about the right colors and fonts. Plus, there’s a new visual builder (and code validator) that helps you quickly prototype and troubleshoot apps as you build.

30,000+ businesses manage their customer relationships and conversations through Intercom and all those customers are becoming more and more reliant on the amazing apps that all of your are building. Thank you all for putting your faith in us and building on top of the platform. This is only the beginning! :raised_hands:


Congrats on the launch @zach! Thanks for letting us be part of it, excited to keep building on Intercom!

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