Invalid JSON on Sheets-Action


Hey there,
super happy with the Messenger sheets-flow so far. One thing I noticed is that the JSON I receive as a POST from you after the user submits a sheet-action is invalid. It essentially wraps all data as a string in an intercom_data property. It has the following format:

intercom_data: ‘{app_id: “XXXXX”, current_canvas: “YYYY”,all_other_attributes:“ZZZ” etc etc etc }’

Sure I can do something like JSON.parse on the intercom_data (in Node.js). But why not parse it correctly in the first place? On another note why introduce the extra intercom_data property and not keep the same data format as on every other request { app_id: “abcdefg”, etc etc etc }. Would keep things more consistent.




+1 one on this, the additional “intercom_data” envelope felt clunky to me too.

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Good point, we have an open issue for it :grimacing:

If we change it now it will be a breaking change, so we’re waiting to implement versioning so that we can make it JSON.