Ios sdk is crashing on the latest 5.5.1 version


Users are reporting a crash, and from the crash logs I found that it is crashing inside Intercom, specifically on ICMUserUpdateRequest init call. Let me know if you need more details on this issue. Thank you.

Hey there :wave:

Looking through our issues and conversations, I didn’t notice any other reports containing ICMUserUpdateRequest. Though I believe that method should get called whenever the SDK registers or updates a user:

Is this happening to all your users on the latest version of your app or just a subset of them? Are you able to reproduce the issue at all? Any more details on this would definitely be helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the quick reply, yes, we only use intercom to register our user and the only call we use is + (void)registerUserWithUserId:(NSString *)userId email:(NSString *)email;

So it is definitely happening at that point, I am calling that in the main thread if thats any help. Unfortunately I can not replicate it, it is only happening to a small percentage of our user, the problem is, for those people the issue keeps happening. So it is blocking them from even using the app at all since register user happens right after login.

Thanks for providing those details! Would you be able to actually log into your Intercom workspace and write into our Messenger about this?

Providing these details can help us get to the bottom of what’s going on:

  • user_id or email address of a user of yours who is running into this issue.
  • A link to this forum post to better keep track of things.

If we can get an example user then we get dig into our logs to see if there’s any more info there :+1: