Is it possible to pull global statistics via an API?

We’re big Intercom users, but would also like to be able to pipe some of the global statistics about our Intercom conversations into our internal monitoring tools so we can centralize data collection and have one internal dashboard for overall statistics. E.g., we want to be able to have both the median response time on Intercom in the same place as our downtime monitoring.

I spent a fair bit of time hunting through the API documentation and couldn’t find anything other than the counts API, but that only returns the counts, rather than more detailed statistics. Is there an API that does this?

We may still do something more involved to pull the individual conversations and compute this ourselves, but it would be great if I missed something reading the documentation and we can pipe this in directly.

Are you Segment customers? They pipe all conversation and conversation parts to data warehouse w/ click of button.

If you’re not a Segment customer, I’d assume their integration uses the list all conversations endpoint to do this in some batch fashion.

While you didn’t mention this, it’s worth noting that the messages data is not something Segment ETLs out of the box so if you think you’ll need this data you’d need to build custom service to ETL it – We satisfied this specific messages ETL use case using this API and simply inserting it directly into Redshift using a workflow (disclosure: I work there).