Is there a way to use a "Custom outbound addresses" in the "Admin Initiated Conversation"?

i am calling this api to send an admin initiated conversation

it works well except that i can use the “Custom outbound address” that i already configured.

Any idea on how to do so?



Hey @wissamtabbara :wave:

At the moment we don’t have the ability to use a custom outbound address through our Rest API. Can you clarify a bit on your use case for this? Is the idea you’d like to send a recurring auto message from a general email address instead of a specific admin account?

i was hoping to have all customer messages sent by intercom. We have “transactional” business emails that needs to trigger immediately based on an event. Unfortunately, there is a limitation with auto messages and campaigns to let it wait to the top of the hour (or 2 hours). We were trying to use the admin conversation api to trigger those immediate messages. That worked, except, it was challenging to customize the message with a given template or fromName. i understand that’s not the goal/usage of intercom so we had to continue use another provider for such email. we had to duplicate the template across intercom, and another provider. not ideal.

also, another challenge is that we couldn’t access the event meta data in messages or use as a rules.

Thanks for the feedback @wissamtabbara ! Our auto message architecture is based around the idea that each account can match a message only once. So if an account needs to receive the same transactional email more than once then using our Rest API would be the best route. Though there’s limited customization options for emails sent this way so it definitely isn’t an ideal solution and something we can work on.

As for event metadata, the only purpose it currently servers is to track additional details about the event.