Is there a way to view push error notification error responses from the APNs?


Is there a way to see how the Apple Push Notification server responds in cases where my push notifications aren’t coming through?


Hey Nerboda :wave: Niall here, one of the Support Engineers at Intercom.

Exposing responses from APNS in the UI is currently not supported. Just to be 100% clear, are you referring to your messages to your customers, or notifications from Intercom (eg reply to conversation with John Doe)?



That’s a shame. The situation is, I’m using the react-native-intercom package to pull the iOS SDK into my mobile app and have configured push notifications as instructed in the docs. They work sometimes, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when they work and when they don’t. If I share some code with you would you be willing to help me make sure I’ve configured them correctly and have correctly registered the device id with the apns within my app?