Issues with sheets flow on mobile (iOS in this case)


Hi @jeff, Hi @zach,
Could you please verify the following:

We have updated our mobile app to the latest Intercom SDK, however, when we use the “single-select” component with action “type: sheet”, we do NOT receive the “intercom_data” parameter in the request to our server.

Basically that means our app does not work on mobile. :frowning:



As far as I can tell from our log files, the mobile app appears to be sending a JSON payload containing the “intercom_data”, while the web widget sends “intercom_data” as a parameter…?
Can’t be intended, is it?

(I have now changed our backend to account for both: The mobile json content and the web form param…)



Hey @macsebi :wave:

Yeah this seems to be an issue with how we’re encoding our payload requests on iOS. It shouldn’t happen on Android and web, which will be URL encoded. I’ll let you know when we’ve changed iOS to also be URL encoded :+1: