Lacking features for Support teams


I’m a huge fan of Intercom since my days running the Support team at Docker. So when I joined a new startup and they told me they used Intercom, I was excited. But the more and more I use it, the more I realize the lack of focus on basic features that every Support teams need. For example:

  • Ability for users to specify their question type at the outset. For example, prompting the user to specify if their question is billing-related, technical, or general and then tagging that conversation accordingly. The Answer Bot is helpful only when there is an answer, not for this use case.
  • Ability to create a trigger based on certain conditions. For example, if the user has a question about billing, route the conversation to the “Billing” queue. Conversely, if they have a technical question, route it to the “Technical” queue. Inboxes aren’t really queues and there’s limitations on how you define those inboxes.
  • Ability to create automation. For example, if the conversation is created for a VIP user (based on a tag) and is unassigned for 2 hours, automatically increase the priority from “Normal” to “High” and trigger a webhook (e.g. to Slack). Another example, if a conversation from a user we’ve identified as “at-risk” is initiated, we want the priority to increase from “Normal” to “High”.

These are just a few examples of features that are basic to any Support organization.


Hey Allen! Thanks so much for the thoughtful post. These ideas are really compelling! Having more automation around conversation routing (like routing by a specific set of topics) would be a game changer. I’ll surface all of this with our team!