Launch Intercom with desired messenger application onclick


It would be awesome to be able to press a button, and open up the Intercom messenger with a canvas on default.

For example:

Intercom('APPLICATION_ID'); // Where APPLICATION_ID is the ID of the desired application to open

Example use case: A button on the website called “Server status”. Upon clicking on the button, the intercom messenger will open up, and by default display the canvas opened up.

Let me know what you think!

Hm super interesting idea of having sheets automatically opening through these methods @Farreboi :clap: Are there ay other functional examples you can think of that you’d like to see? What’s the motive behind this?

cc/ @hellojeanpierre

Intercom is used as a tool for communicating with customers, and the widget is something many users are familiar with. Having the widget installed on your own website will certainly take a lot of space, which can discourage from installing additional services that require a widget loader. (Too many widgets looks bad. My own opinion, not based on any data)

Now imagine an application which asks users for feedback, you can certinly ask the customers for feedback once they open the messenger, however, if you could also design a button in your own website to ask for feedback which is then hooked up to an intercom canvas pre-loader would be a lot easier and more “familiar” for the customers to use than say using an additional service for that purpose. Hopefully this makes sense.

I think the possibilities are endless, really :smiley:

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@Farreboi is this something you are looking to achieve as a customer (for yourself) or as an app on behalf of customers?
For yourself this could be achieved through the Javascript / Client-side API, on behalf of customers wouldn’t be possible as of today and potentially quite complicated to achieve :smiley:

Hey @hellojeanpierre, how exactly would you go about handling this via the JS API? I’ve used this to open directly to a conversation but wasn’t aware of opening an app directly.

@kyle you wouldn’t be able to open an app directly. The Javascript library that each customer adds to install the Messenger has some configuration options that allows you to hide and show the Messenger. So technically a customer can show the Messenger when a particular button is clicked, but I don’t think as a 3rd party partner (through an app in the App Store) can access this.

I’m not be 100% sure about this, but will ask around!

Ah okay, I misunderstood your comment. I’m aware of simply opening/closing the messenger, but it’d be great to be able to open straight to an app within the messenger via the JS API.

It sounded to me like that’s what @Farreboi was requesting as well.

Hey @hellojeanpierre - wanted to circle back on this to see if there was an update! The goal would be to use Intercom’s client-side JS API to trigger the Messenger to open onclick of a link. I know this is possible for the conversation piece, but am interested in how it would work to open directly to an app that you’ve already got installed in your Messenger.

Hey @kyle - no updates :slightly_frowning_face:

Right now it’s not possible to insert apps through the API, for example when you create a new conversation for a user or a lead you can’t insert that app as the content of that message. Nor you can’t create conversations to anonymous website visitors. Both scenarios aren’t straight forward because opens the door for misuse, so we would have to take our time to think how this could work.

In order to understand better the use case, would you be able to share the steps how you want it to work?

Ah yeah let me clarify – I’m not talking about sending messages/inserting apps via JS API. What I’m looking for is a way to use the JS API to open a sheet that lives within Messenger.

So, just like how you can trigger the messenger to open directly to a new conversation, but instead open an app sheet. Essentially simulating opening the messenger widget and clicking a button/link. Does that make sense?

Similar to what @Farreboi described above:

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Hey @hellojeanpierre – pinging to make sure you saw my last comment on this. Does the use case make sense? Any thoughts?

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This is something we’re very interested in. Our use case is that we use the Calendly Intercom app and would like to have a “Book a call” button on our page that opens the Calendly app in the Intercom messenger.