Lead aggregator - Is this useful?

Hey everyone!

Looking for some input here on an idea for a SAAS product for marketing teams.

Lead aggregator - most businesses have leads coming in from multiple sources: mail chimp, hubspot, landing pages, calendly, etc.
This app would link between all the different softwares businesses use to generate leads and pull them into one centralized place. Then display them nicely with dashboards, table of leads and the ability to export them.

I found some CRMs that enable you to link with multiple softwares, but most CRMs are more interested in selling you their own solution to generate leads (landing page builder or forms), they don’t support integration with other softwares so well, from what I’ve seen.
I’ve actually already built a first version of this for the company I currently work at. This gathers leads from Hubspot and Mailchimp and displays them in a table. This way our marketing team doesn’t have to export from both places and do a bunch of spreadsheet trickery.

I’m posting this so I can gage the interest in this solution. As a marketer is this a problem you face? Did you have this problem in the past? If so, how did you fix it?
If I move forward with this idea I’m also looking for some beta users that’ll have access for free.