List Users By Phone - error when returning multiple users?


I am currently trying to use the List Users By Phone endpoint in the REST API but I’m encountering a problem. If I query a phone number that belongs to multiple users, I get a 400 with the code “multiple_users”, and message saying “Multiple users with the same phone number”.

I am a bit confused about this, because I understand the API used to not allow this, but seems to now - after all, the sample response given in the API docs (link above) shows 3 users being returned, all with the same phone number.

Can somebody please shed some light on this?

Best regards

@btdrawer thanks for reporting this.

We have released Search API on Thursday to Unstable API version which would help you find users & leads by phone or by any combination of attributes.

The new Customer API that is being worked on will also be fully Restful, so parameters like phone should return a list instead of a single resource.