Magento 2 intercom integration


We have build a free (simple) Intercom extension for magento 2.
You can find it under

It is currently being reviewed as an app for the app store of intercom also.
We would need some test studies. It is free to install.
So if you have a Magento 2 webshop feel free to install at and give feedback!
You can find install instructions on the page.


Friendly greetings
Rob Conings

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Pretty cool! You should try to list on the Intercom App Store.

Since we do not have a hub that connects the customer to intercom (It connects from the Magento website directly to Intercom) it is not considered an app.

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It is now also available as an opensource project on Github :
And it is available in the Magento market store :

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That makes a lot of sense. It is more like an installable plugin and therefore, the distribution happens per Magneto 2 installation! :blush:

Interesting to see the freemium model here with installation fees :heart_eyes: Well done :+1:

We ask a small fee if you want us to configure the module but the documentation is quit clear on the configuration so you can do that yourself also. It is a standard fee for most of our modules. The module is free available on our website, trough github and from the magento marketplace… How is that Freemium. The installation is trough composer and not that hard to do. It is a standard procedure within Magento 2 and many other frameworks. But if you want us to manually go on your server , install the module and configure sure we ask a fee of 24.99 euro.

This is all totally valid and exactly how I understood it :slight_smile::+1: It also feels like a standard approach for plugin developers. I am actually voicing my admiration to that model, and it’s something that feels like a learning for me. Not at all questioning your method :blush:

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It is still not a freemium model. Look up Freemium. The whole functionality is available for free. There is no ‘extra functionality’ that is hidden until you pay.

Not that it is important,

Freemium – a business model, especially on the Internet, whereby basic services are provided free of charge while more advanced features must be paid for.

This is one of many definitions of the freemium model. The reference to “advanced features” in the definition matches your case with the “installation service” by paying extra fees. Therefore, by definition, this can be labelled as a freemium

Regarding the fees, I never said that offering extra fees for installation was unfair and I never even questioned it. It is fair and absolutely your right as a plugin developer, you did the work, you benefited the community and you released it open source with proper documentation and instructions. You did all the good work, cheers to that.

There is no ‘extra functionality’ that is hidden until you pay.

Freemium never meant that there is “extra functionally” that is hidden until you pay. All in all, great work :blush:

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I understand that you do not question the extra fees. But your definition says it all. ''While more advanced features must be paid for". Installing an extension for someone is not a feature. There is not extra feature that it gains. The service is not even related to the module itself. It is service that we offer as a Magento development agency for all our own extensions and third party extensions.

It is a cross sell service that we provide (not an upsell). While necessary services like Support remain free on this module.

A really clear example would be Spotify. Spotify uses a freemium model to get customers. They offer a product but without a lot of features. If you want those features you are expected to go Premium. Now lets say Spotify was totally free but a customer would need some help installing the program and gets charged for the installation of the free software.

The software itself is still a free product but a cross sell happened. If Spotify then would make the software almost impossible to install and it would require their specific expertise then it would be a form of Freemium.

This is exactly the reason why we provide free support on the extension. We believe that giving back to the community is an important thing since Magento thrives on its open source community.

If we wanted a Freemium model then we would charge for extra months of support.

Interesting discussion though since there is a fine line between what is and what is not Freemium.

This topic was more intended to see what the community would like from extra features that we could add (for free) and publish.

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Super true. It’s such a fine line :blush:

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