Message event in live chat in intercom


I was researching on live chat and got that intercom messenger is popular live chat. I am interested in capturing the message form live chat in real time and add some features in the exchanged messages. So Does the messanger framework allows me to capture messages in real time?

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Hey @laxmi518 :wave:

Yes - you can have people respond with text with the input component, and then have them submit this to carry out any actions you need yourself before displaying the next canvas.

I’d love to know your use case more - feel free to write in or DM me here so we can figure out what’s best for you.



Hi @zach,
I am trying to implement translate message in live chat. So I want to know If it is possible to capture the message sent by customer in native language and then translate to english and return back to customer in their native language.



Awesome - yeah it’s very possible. I’d recommend using our Conversations API to do this instead however, so that you can GET what is said and then POST back a note or reply with the translation.



Hi @laxmi518 - Unbabel has just launched on Intercom’s Appstore and we provide that exact solution. Let me know you’re email and happy to follow up.

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