Messenger app placeholder text


Hi all,

is it possible to change the text that appears instead of our app for unsupported clients? having the app name (in my use case) is not very illustrative so our customers end up just confused because text was rendered instead of a canvas object.

I’ve seen this behavior when embedding Messenger Apps into mobile SDK version older than 5.0.0. I understand the behavior is expected since messenger apps are supported from 5.0.0 onwards but is there a way we could point our customers in the right direction instead of just leaving them there with some text?

That’s all for now.




Hey @marino, that’s a good point. Unfortunately it can’t be customized, but you can change the app name from the developer hub.

We’re currently working on better fallbacks for email and auto-message snippets, old mobile SDKs might not get prioritized soonish though.



All right, thanks for the update @hellojeanpierre! fingers crossed so it gets prioritized soon :wink: