Messenger App Setting page


Can the messenger app have a setting page like the one present in google calendar . As in the docs it’s mentioned that the flow starts from configure request which occurs when the app is configured by the user for sending . There’s no mention about the setting page .



Hi @nemesh!

Unfortunately, at the moment it’s not possible to have a settings page exactly like the one for the Google Calendar app. At the moment you can only provide a link to a page on your own service to handle any settings your users might need to do.

This is something we’re looking into adding to the framework though so we’ll keep you in the loop on any updates there.

cc/ @patrick.andrews



Thanks jeff for giving this update.

Also, Could you please give me the doc referring to this approach : “At the moment you can only provide a link to a page on your own service to handle any settings your users might need to do.”



Hey Jeff, do you have a rough idea of when this might be added to the framework? We believe this is the right place to configure the app settings, so building it elsewhere and then moving to this is a disadvantage.




Hey @pulkit-chameleon and @nemesh, I’m part of the product team and I’m curious to hear more about this. What makes the current configure request (the frame shown when a user wants to insert an app) not solve your configuration needs?



Maybe we’re missing some info, but we want to let users configure some settings (which tours to include in the search index) and it sounds like we can’t allow them to make any settings changes from the Intercom app.

Ideally we want to allow review a list of tours (they built in Chameleon) and check which ones they want to include. Is that possible?



To add to what @pulkit-chameleon is saying – My understanding is that the configure request is a “one time thing” – if that information included in the end-user intercom app canvas is dynamic or can change at some point in the future, how would the intercom admin update the configuration to show/hide items in the end-user view?

One example use case is changing the title/display text for the app.

Apps like slack, for example, have the settings page where things can be changed over time and we have similar needs for configuration values



Hey @pulkit-chameleon and @brian-chameleon :wave:

Just to clarify, the configure option is a one-time thing upon selecting the app to send in a conversation or put on the home screen. You can customise what you want the app to show in that initial card. This will happen every time you go to add the app, so for conversations you can make sure it’s configured with the details you want in the moment before sending :+1:

For home screen apps, while you can delete and re-add them from the Messenger settings to update what shows, this may not be ideal. If you want to have an app that is constantly updated upon an end user viewing the card, you should use a live canvas instead. This can consistently update without needing to configure each time to display up-to-date information. Would this work?



Thanks for following up!

As @zach mentioned, you can configure this screen to show the relevant settings for the Intercom admin:

Ideally this screen changes over time so that some presets or relevant defaults make it easier to insert the app multiple times.

Currently in my head I have the question of how can we improve this screen before we add global app settings, which are only accessible to admins with full permissions.

Would you be able to show which settings you mean in Slack? As far as I know this wasn’t possible :thinking: