Messenger in another IFrame?


We’re implementing a Content-Security-Policy (CSP) for a SaaS. What’s your opinion of putting the entire Intercom component into an variable-size IFrame?

Then we can insert the IFrame into the site, set all user parameters in the IFrame and resize it when needed. That allows us to set a different CSP for the IFrame & the main app.

Are there any technical reasons against the Messenger in an IFrame (other than not being the official way)?

I’ve seen the recommendation for a CSP. But we’d really like to avoid ‘strict-dynamic’ at all cost, as well as a very lengthy host list.

Thank you!



Hey @hawe :wave:

There’s no problem with putting the Messenger within an iframe, provided the iframe is big enough to fit the full Messenger when expanded :+1: It’s not officially supported, so if something does go wrong, then it’s out of our hands. Otherwise, go for it!