Messenger makes some operations every second

Hello everyone!
We are using Intercom in our web application. Intercom script is loaded from${appId}. Every second there are 2 operations caused by this script even when the app is inactive. It takes not much for each task - around 0.6 ms.

Is there anything could be done to prevent all those tasks from executing? And i am curious what does it do so frequently? If I understand it correctly there is a function performClientMatching in interval with 500ms.

I think 500 ms interval - it’s way too often. If browser tab is inactive - all timers less than 1000ms get muted, and if user returns to that opened tab he gets a lot of checks in queue.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, thanks for writing in to our Forum! :grinning:

It looks like these timers are being used for animations involving the resizing of the Messenger cards as well as iframes being utilized in Messenger apps.