Multi-tenant support?


Are there any plans to implement multi-tenant support where the OAuth/Install flow could be used to set up the Configure/Submit/Initialize URLs to point directly to a tenant domain?
One could potentially whitelist the URI and only set the host/subdomain part of the URL…



I’m not sure I’m clear on the use case here @macsebi. In the course of authenticating to Intercom and then to your own app you would have the chance to associate your customers workspace/subdomain with the token right? I’d love to better understand this request though so please elaborate if you have a chance. :slight_smile:



Sure @jeff ! I’ll give it a shot.
Otherwise I’ll try and have our product manager to schedule a call with you next week. I think you’re in touch with Tanya anyway :slight_smile:

Running a multi-tenant infrastructure (in our case) means we do not store the tokens in a central DB and therefore cannot store a relation to a subdomain. The tokens are instead stored in the tenants DB.