Need a solution to sync 200k user from Intercom every day


Hi team,

I want to sync 200k users and segment/tag/field data from Intercom every day to our internal system.

I know that I need to use scroll API since list user API will not allow fetching more than 10k user.

Two solutions came up into my mind

  1. Use scroll API to iterate over 200k user
    • Does scroll API have rate limit?
    • If we want to sync from more than one application. Do we need to separate the API key?
  2. Export CSV from Intercom then imports to our system. After that use list user API sort by created_date to sync new user. Then have another task to update segment/tag one by one customer.
    • Can we export all 200k customer?

Is there any more solution?

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Anyone have solution here?



Hey @phawin :wave:

The solution is the Scroll API for this purpose currently - the rate limit is the standard one given (500 requests per minute, per workspace), but any calls to the Scroll API (both the initial call and then any with the given scroll parameter) are counted as one request each.

You can get an Access Token for all workspaces you need to sync to/from on a single app on the Developer Hub. Go to the Your workspaces page and ‘install’ the app on all workspaces to generate that Access Token.



One other thing actually @phawin - if you’re finding this is taking too long (based on our rate limit, it looks like it would be a hefty amount of time for that many records) then message in via our Messenger within Intercom and we’ll look into increasing that for your use case :+1:

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