Need a solution to sync 400k users to Intercom


I’m trying to build a solution that syncs the data in our internal database to Intercom (using .NET and the official nuget package) and I’m having trouble to achieve that.

When all of the creates are requested in sequence, some of the records are not created, although I do not receive any exception. For each request the response is ok, but when the process finishes I don’t have the 400k records in the Intercom App.

I’ve tried to update 1k records each time, waited some while and then more 1k sucessively and, doing that way, all the 400k were created. The problem is not the rate limit, because this exception is being expected and never happened.

Have anyone had a similar issue and knows what can be done in order that all the records are created or at least to get an exception when one of them is not?

Thanks a lot.

Hey @daniela.zamberlan - that’s not expected behaviour at all. Think it would be best if Intercom support dives more into this for you.

Do you mind writing in through the Messenger (or via email - team @ intercom .com) with an example call, the version of the API you are using, the app you are using (ie. the one with the Access Token authorising the calls) and any additional details that might help (such as the time this took place)?