Need to Tag a Conversation Part (comment) programatically


Hi, I need to tag a conversation part programatically. This feature is undocummented, but can be done in Inbox , how can be done ?


Hi @martin.krohn – are you wanting to use the tagging API to tag conversation parts in the conversation of users of your app? Right now the conversation tagging API is in beta and can’t be used like this (because we’d need to add the feature flag to each of your app user’s Intercom workspaces). If you’re wanting to use it only for your own Intercom workspace let me know and I can get things set up for you.


Hi , thanks for your fast reply. I need this feature for the private messenger app I am developing. Is this possible ?


Sure @martin.krohn! I’ll drop you an email now to coordinate and get the details I’ll need from you to enable the beta on your Intercom workspace.


Unfortunately we only have a beta for conversation tagged webhook, not the ability to tag a conversation via the API. A bit confusing given both are related :smile:

This is highly requested and certainly on our watchlist, but at this moment our databases wouldn’t be able to support it could put Intercom’s availability at risk with programmatic tagging at our scale.


Hi Jean Pierre,

Is this functionality going to be available at any point? In the meantime, is there any way to tag a conversation that isn’t manually by the operator?

Thanks in advance,


Hey @wosto - still not available, we’re with our hands tied waiting for progress on other teams. It’s not as straightforward as we would like to be, any operation we add to our conversations puts other things under stress (eg. delays on webhooks, slower conversation load, etc)