OAuth & install_url testing


Once we are happy with the functionality of our Messenger app, how do we test OAuth?
Given that the messenger app is preinstalled on the [DEV] intercom app.

  1. How do we run through the complete process of install, OAuth etc?
  2. Also where do we change the install_url? is the redirect url on the OAuth config page?


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ping @jeff @jonny @choran thanks! :hearts:



Hey Jonas can you drop me a line through the intercom messenger on the docs pages? I’ll get things set up for you.

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@jeff I’m in a similar position, want to test the full install flow including oauth, as we use the authenticated user in the subsequent configure flow.

However, it looks like I cant update the ‘install_url’ myself without submitting for review (we’re not ready for that just yet)



Hi Robert – there isn’t any way to update those oauth settings without going through review so if you’d like to test the full app flow you’ll need to fill in all the details for submission and then we’ll review your app for “public” status. Just because it’s public though doesn’t mean you’re automatically listed in the app store. You can keep your public app only installed on your own Intercom workspace for now while you’re testing and then, only once you’re ready, you can publish it to the app store.

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Excellent, thanks Jeff. I’ll continue development a little longer then, and once we hit MVP I’ll go through review for final testing

Appreciate the quick reply. :+1:

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