Only reading the first 200 pages, and some other questions



Just a couple of questions if anyone can help

My call returns this information

It’s telling me there are 802 pages 40,000 users

But when I try to loop over all the pages after page 200 pages it returns empty pages with no user details.

Is there a limit on how much information I can read?

Also the “session_count”: 0, it’s always Zero for everyone, when I check in intercom it is registering session counts with there emails.

Also is it possible to extinguish between Android users and IOS users?

Is the “last_request_at” the last time a person accessed intercom so they are a active user?



Hey @Bautizar - lets go through these:

  1. There is a limit of up to 10K users - we show the total amount of pages as if you can access these, but you can’t past the limit. If you want to list these users, then you need to use our Scroll API (which is designed for larger iterations over users).
  2. Session count is for web only - if all your users are always from native apps, then the session count will be 0.
  3. We no longer show the user agent data in an effort to remove PII from our API. This means it’s not possible to distinguish currently between the two.
  4. Yes! Last Request At is as it says on the tin - this is the last time a request was made in Intercom for that user (ie. pinged in - whether online or updated), so these are the most active :+1:

Thanks, I got the scroll working and for answering the other questions