Outsourcing Intercom Chat Sales Team


I am working with a company that needs to outsource the answering of posts/comments in our Intercom chat bot. Do you know of any firms with experience in this space…

I know this community is not for marketing, but any information would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Scott,

Danielle from Intercom Support here! :grinning:

We don’t have any official recommendations about a service you can use for this, but I’d be interested to talk a bit more about why this company is looking to outsource their support.

Do you know if this is related to the volume of conversations they’re receiving? We have developed a lot of automation over the past year that is aimed to help reduce conversation volume your support team needs to handle that could be helpful if this is the case - I’d be happy to chat a bit more about these options if you’re interested! :blush:


Just thinking about my options. I will have to manage and train the team, so it’s a question if it makes sense to outsource this. It probably doesn’t, but want to understand options. Do you have any documentation on training a team of reps. Thanks


While we don’t have specific documentation that outlines how to train your team, we’ve got a ton of resources in our Help Center I think would be helpful here!

I’d recommend checking out this article that is focused on how to utilize our Inbox product to make sure that your customers get connected with the right people right away to help you close out conversations faster.

I’d also recommend taking a look at our articles on custom bots as well as answer bot to look into solutions that close out conversations without even having to be triaged by a member of your team. :blush:

Finally, I’d recommend using our Product Tours to help train your team initially! These are a great set of pre-recorded demos to help your team learn the ropes of how Intercom works. :+1:

Hopefully those resources are helpful to give you an idea of how you can maximize Intercom to manage conversation volume and make sure your support team is only handling conversations that need that personal touch.