Persistent Custom Bot Flow


Hi There,

I am looking for an easy way to trigger a persistent custom bot flow and not having much luck. I recognize that Intercom has been built to avoid this exact use case (a generic, persistent message), but hopefully someone will a solution for our use case.

We offer pet owners a vet support service via chat or call. When they click our vet support button, I would like to ask 2-3 simple questions to determine the urgency of the question and determine whether or not they should be re-routed to call us directly or they can continue on with the chat request. These questions are necessary for any question and it will help us ensure urgent, severe issues are redirected to the appropriate veterinary resource.

The challenge I am finding is that our custom bot flow is only shown once and after the user’s criteria change (ie. multiple web sessions), they won’t get the bot flow.

I have tried setting up event triggers and just duplicating the bot based on number of clicks (vet-support = 1 then fire bot =1, vet support = 2 then fire bot =2, etc.) but it’s clumsy workaround and it isn’t working reliably.

Any thoughts? Other user attributes I could consider so that it would trigger each time the user clicked our button? Any 3rd party apps that could be useful?


Hi there :wave:

Danielle from Intercom’s Customer Support team here! Happy to dig into a few options to see if we can find a solution that might work for you. :+1:

Overall, there isn’t going to be a direct solution to setting up a custom bot that will fire to users more than once - you’re right that by design any message that is sent through Intercom will only trigger for an end user one time.

I can certainly understand your use case for wanting to send this custom bot multiple times - it does sound like it would be helpful to be able to ask the same few qualifying questions each time your user hits this button so your team knows how to best handle these conversations. The workflow you were using of setting up a custom bot to fire each time the event was triggered does sound like quite a bit of manual work, but sounds like it should work out - would you mind letting me know what issues you were running into with that firing?

Besides digging further into that option, the one other thing I would suggest here would be to set up a message to send through the API each time this event is triggered. While you aren’t able to set up custom bots that fire through the API, you can set up admin-initiated messages and while these won’t be able to function in the exact same way it could be helpful if you want to make sure that this information was sent to users each time they hit that button. You can read a bit more about how to set up that API initiated message here!