Post dialog from inside a messenger app


Is this possible ? I mean, I have a Messenger app that allows a user to choose context and make questions, all inside a card.
I want all this questions and answers, be saved in
the chat history, as if they were made from the chat window itself.
Is this possible ? This is because I don’t want to loose the user interaction.



Hey Martin :wave:

If I understand you correctly, you want to add these as part of the conversation, as opposed to the canvas with the interaction being replaced each time. The way to do this would be to utilise our Conversations API and post messages in the conversation on behalf of the teammate or the user interacting. More on how to do this is here.



Thanks zach for your fast reply.
I have another question: How does the app interactions get stored in the global timeline ? As the final picture as seen by the side of the operator ?, or every interaction gets saved ? I mean every component and every input sent ?



Hey @martin.krohn interactions with the cards are not stored anywhere, you can store them in your side and use the REST APIs to post private notes within the conversation itself or create event attributes that are shown in (perhaps in the future we could allow you to create new types activities in the timeline but that’s not possible today).

About private notes:
Customer docs:
API (message_type:note):

About events:
Customer docs:
API (events):