Prevent a Messenger Home App to show up


Hi there,

Any way to prevent a Messenger Home App to show up ?
It may be a little specific to my case, but I sometime have Users that needs that App and others that don’t.
I can obviously write a message “Hey this app is not for you”, but I think just preventing the app to show up would be a better User Experience :wink:

Note : I tried to return a 204 No Content but it’s considered as an error…



Hey @Mose :wave:

Yeah it’s a nice use case here - for now, you can only customise based on User/Visitor, and the workaround is exactly as you said - use if/else statements for the user to say what shows and populate non-content if needed :ok_hand: Nice feature request though!

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+1 on that. I think I’ve previously mentioned this as well (somewhere) …



+1 for us too - I want to use custom attributes (user properties) to control which apps are shown to which users! :slight_smile:



This is really important for us. Our Messenger Home integration allows end-users to submit feedback. Due to the nature of some of our customers’ businesses, they’re getting a lot of spam (ex. they have paying customers plus a bunch of random internet users). If our customer could only show the app to a specific group (ex. has monthly spend), that would cut down the spam significantly.

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Hi Sarah - this should already be possible if you segment the data accordingly, isn’t it?



Hey Sebastian, not sure what you’re suggesting here. We’d like our customers to be able to limit showing our Messenger home app to people based on a segment (ex. only show it to people who are on a paid plan).



How are you currently showing/inserting your Messenger App? “User Auto Messages” has some pretty detailed filter options you can set (“Choose your Audience”).



Talking about Messenger home, not auto messages:

The only segmentation we can do right now is visitors vs. users.



This is a very good suggestion.

The application that we are currently building requires the user action once only, once it’s done, it doesn’t need to be displayed again.

Any workaround would be appreciated! :slight_smile:



Hey everyone :wave: Lots of attention on this one - it’s a great request!

For now, a workaround could be to use a live canvas. We send a submit request to the content_url you provide in order for you to send back a canvas. Within this request is the user object, which you can use to see the attributes, tags, and segments of that user.

Based on that information , you can choose what to show in the card - whether that’s something saying they don’t have access to see the app and thus to upgrade, or the wanted content of the app itself :+1:

Let me know if this works, and cheers everyone for the suggestion again!



Hello Zach, thanks for the update.

Your workaround is great for the ‘freemium / paying customer’ workflow and probably for many B2C projects.

However, it won’t be that nice in our case. To make it simple: we (and some of the Intercom customers that might use our app) have 2 kinds or Users - managers and operators - that are working in the same organization. Our Messenger Home App contains the ‘billing’ section of the organization. Operators should not, and will never access this app.

As it’s important for managers, it will be the first app under the conversation app. But for operators, the most important app is the ‘search into documentation’ app. So having a placeholder between conversation and search will be detrimental.

And I don’t even speak of the feeling of the operator. “Hello, I’m a placeholder and here your manager can sees stuff. Not you. Too bad !” :grin:

In the end, we just need to be able to ‘not show’ a Messenger Home App for team members that are not concerned. Does it feels like a legit request ?



Definitely is a legit request @Mose - really appreciate the extra details too. Goes a long way into understanding the why behind.

cc/ @hellojeanpierre



Yeah, we also would appreciate this feature to be added rather yesterday than tomorrow!
Waiting for it since we first raised the issue weeks ago :wink:

Our use-case would be, our customers hitting a limit of their plan and therefore don’t have certain functionality anymore. Obviously we shouldn’t tell their users that our customer ran out of credits :wink:
Yes, we could display a dummy or placeholder, but that is more than a foul compromise…

We REALLY want to see this being fast-tracked as a feature on the roadmap!



or add the ability to customize home screen based on an attribute :rocket:



@Kamil_Survicate Kamil_SurvicateThe attributes are sent on default to your page, on the server-side send a different object based on the attributes you liked.

Hope this helped!



@Farreboi not sure if I understand what you mean.
What I’d like to do is to customize different sets of home screen apps based on user/company attribute, so that for example I won’t be promoting onboarding content or demo for users that have become Customers already.



Consider setting up a live canvas that returns a different content object depending on the user attributes. When Intercom queries the live canvas you set up, all the regular and custom attributes will be sent in the request.

Read more about Intercom’s request flow.