[Product preview] Tappable stories in your own messenger


:wave:Hello all,

as suggested by @jeff, showing what we’re building could be great for all of us! And I can only agree with him, as I am currently looking for feedbacks :smirk:

Sooo, here is a preview of the messenger app I am working on!

Cereals are media-rich, charming tappable series you can embed anywhere, including the Intercom messenger! They can contain texts, images, videos or GIFs < 10mo, and pretty soon: polls + email subscriptions. The process is pretty simple right now:

  • create a cereal with our builder
  • you get a URL and a unique ID from us
  • get our messenger app (after we get the approval!)
  • paste the ID, choose a title, a description and an image
  • your cereal is embedded right into your messenger!

See an example here (click the “anywhere” link) --> https://www.trycereals.com
If you want to try it out with your own story, simply give me your email address on TryCereals or your Twitter handler here and I’ll get back to you!

Hugo (@hyperVillain)

ps: there is a known bug of some IOS devices, where you may be unable to preview the whole story…
Please let me know if you encounter it!



What a cool idea! :slight_smile: I can see this being super valuable for engagement. Sort of like a stripped down version of content marketing right inside the messenger.

Well done @hugovillain and thank you for sharing! It’s so much fun to see what you’re all building.

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:wave:TryCereals is featured on Product Hunt today,
I hope pasting the link here doesn’t feel like too much of a spam:

I made some tweaking based on feedbacks and am still preparing the Intercom app!


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Nice one @hugovillain - 2nd on ProductHunt for the day, great job :clap:

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