Programmatic delivers of custom bots?

Hey community –

We’re experiencing issues of a high volume of low-quality chats that burden our SDR teams and are looking for strategies to deflect those conversations to bots in order to help share the load.

We drive nearly all our Intercom-leads from a custom bot that offers a small number of branches (“ask a question” & “get a trial”). Almost no leads come from “new conversations” (rather replies to our custom bot).

We would love to be able to take the questions in – send them to a service we’ve built to classify them, then trigger a specific custom bots designed to triage that type of question, however this just isn’t possible w/ Intercom’s current capabilities.

The other option I could see here is to use answer bot to classify the question and in turn have it setup to deliver custom bots based on that classification, but again, no dice.

I’m extremely curious to hear the product’s team perspective here as build a million branches to have the end user click through is a nightmare to manage and doesn’t quite solve for situations like this.

Hey there,

When it comes to increasing the volume of high quality conversations that come from Custom Bots, I’d recommend automatically closing incomplete Custom Bot conversations so that your team is spending time on those leads that make it through the path you’ve setup.

That said when it comes to building out more complex Custom Bots - we’d love to hear a bit more about how you’d ideally like this to look. Under our current setup were you finding that doing this would require too many individual paths - or too many steps for the end user?

It’s sorta long answer, but at the end of the day - I want to use your APIs to choose when I trigger a custom bot in a conversation.

If we can do that, the value of the offering increases drammatically.

Custom Bots are unable to be triggered via the API at the moment and can’t be triggered mid-conversation, however I’m happy to flag that as a feature request on your behalf! That use case makes a lot of sense to serve a different bot mid-conversation depending on where it is heading.

For now I’d recommend creating different paths in each bot to help triage those conversations - but watch this space for updates to come.

thanks Andrew – i understand the alternative approaches well and just wanted to make this post as they don’t quite work for us, so I appreciate flagging this one.