React Native without third party library

Hi! I’m new to Intercom and iOS/Android development and I’ve a few questions.

Right now we are using tinycreative/react-native-intercom to communicate with our users in our React Native app, but we would like to use the native mobile SDK from Intercom instead.

Can we use the iOS SDK and Android SDK in our React Native project? Or do we have to continue to use a third party library for that?

Hey Jennie :wave:

As this is a 3rd party service, it’s not directly supported by us. This forum thread might be helpful to you though:

The React Native library is based on our Cordova library, which uses the native Android and iOS SDKs as dependencies in the app.

Hi Lisa! Yes I know, but my question is:

Can I use Intercom with React Native without using a third party library? :slight_smile:

Hey again, Jennie! :wave:

It’s not actually possible. We don’t support React Native, which is why we have a 3rd-party wrapper for our Cordova app. I would be very happy to pass this along as a feature request to our Product team.

Ah I see! Well, thank you for your time and quick response.