Recent Page Views via v2 API

Hi there,

We were trying to use the v2 API to access a contact’s recent page views.

We first tried to do this via the list contacts route but realized that recent page views weren’t in the contact model.

Next, we tried to query for a contact’s recent events hoping that recent page views would be listed there. However, we almost always got back an empty list. We understand that there is a 90-day limit on events, but we couldn’t seem to see the recent page views within the last week, which would lead us to think that recent page views are not included as events.

Is there a way to query for a contact’s recent page views, or is that data not accessible via the API?


Hi @ivraj I don’t think this is possible. Intercom doesn’t expose the pageviews in the API

Darn :/. Oh well. In any case, thanks for letting me know!